Donald Livingstone

Lets have a look at Achnacree Livingstones, in particular Donald Livingstone, to see an example of someone known. His behavior towards others was very amiable and polite and being a tall and strong man he always had an outstanding physical strength and endurance. A love for the natural world in general, and the wilderness of his homeland in particular ingrained him and he was a keen observer of animals and birds behavior. He was a voracious reader with an amazing memory on the background of his own clan. He was ever ready to render a helping hand to the numerous needy and a profound comrade of the poor and the wretched. He was strongly convinced in the power of prayer and was a Christian.

Livingstone's recognition was equaled in his time and the present day. The "Moladh Beinn Dobhrain" ballad, glorifying the beauty of Scottish mountains and souls of those who inhabit them, is his best work. Apart from the fact that he was also famous for the songs that he wrote that made fun contemporary political and social issues.

Livingstone was a famous bard who has also participated in the Scottish Jacobite revolt. He was involved in the 1745 Jacobite revolt and with Bonnie Prince Charlie. After the Battle of Culloden in 1746 he was taken prisoner. Livingstone went on to write songs and lyrics promoting the Jacobite cause in spite of his imprisonment as he did not abandon the cause.

He was the loyal servant of the kingdom and the best patriot.


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